Tam Eastley (she/her) is a writer and web developer* based in Berlin. She is currently editing her way through her first novel and likes writing about reality TV, tech, and the post-apocalyptic world. When she's not writing, you can find her cross stitching, reading on the balcony, or going for various hikes around Berlin.

Together with her sister, she co-founded ongoing, a prompt journal for music and prose. Since September 2021, she has been an editorial intern for Visual Verse.

* She made this website and it's super basic but it does what it's meant to do.


Tap-Tap - longlisted for the Fractured Lit Ghost, Fable, and Fractured Fairy Tale Prize (May 2021)

Jeremy, Philip and Bear - Visual Verse Featured Writer (April 2021)


My Friend Has A Name - Idle Ink (Nov 2021)

Tap-Tap - The Wild Word (Oct 2021)

Every Day I Panic - Impostor (Oct 2021)

The Last Bookstore - Fusion Fragment (Sept 2021)

The Stairwell - CP Quarterly (June 2021)

Three Seasons - Drunk Monkeys (April 2021)

To Whom It May Concern - Visual Verse (March 2021)

My Bone Flute - ongoing (Jan 2021)

Loud Whispers - Visual Verse (Sept 2020)

Is This How You Hug? - The Wild Word (April 2020)

Unnamed Reality TV Show - Visual Verse (March 2020)

The Wink - Visual Verse (Feb 2020)

The Opposition - Visual Verse (Dec 2019)

and more upcoming...